Jason Power, together with an enthusiastic and friendly family of physiotherapists and reception staff, has established a physiotherapy clinic where community is key and every client is treated as a friend as much as a patient…


As well as being Jason’s wife, a fantastic mum to three gorgeous boys, and a qualified Veterinary Surgeon, Jeneane has also taken on the role of Business Manager at Empower Physiotherapy.

Whilst she will now only rarely be found behind the reception desk, Jeneane can still often be found in the practice attending to the myriad of administrative duties that go into running a business.

It’s also not unusual to see Jeneane at the clinic sweating through (or after) one of the Empower Boxfit or one of the Clinical Pilates Programs. Whilst she loves the health and fitness benefits of the sessions, Jeneane sees her participation also as training to deal with the 3 boys (make that 4!) at home.

Since Jeneane started working alongside Jason when Empower opened its doors, she has particularly enjoyed forming lasting friendships with many of the regular clients who are part of the Empower family.

When not running after the boys, working as a Veterinary Surgeon at Ocean Reef Veterinary Clinic, or working on the business, Jeneane enjoys sharing time with family and friends, reading, watching the Eagles, and following just about any HBO series on TV.


The smiling face and happy voice that has greeted countless patients since Empower Physiotherapy opened its doors belongs to Annette. Her boundless enthusiasm, warmth, compassion, and devotion to family is contagious, and is precisely the reason Jason nabbed her to work alongside him when Empower first opened its doors.

Annette is a proud and fantastic mum to four adult children, as well as doting grandmother to five (and Nanna Annette to the three Power boys!). Her nurturing approach has been an essential part of the success of Empower, as she has cared for and supported not only our valuable clients, but also every member of staff and their families as well.

Annette gives of herself freely to friends and family, and to anyone in need. In addition to all of her family commitments, Annette also works tirelessly to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and similar causes. She enjoys camping and 4-wheel driving whenever she can and would be happiest listening to (or sitting next to!) John Farnham whilst she does so.

Unfortunately for her, Annette is a Collingwood supporter but that just makes football season all the more fun!

At Empower, the reception staff are more than admin officers. Warm smiles, friendly conversation and – if you’re lucky – a nice cup of coffee let you know that this isn’t your typical medical clinic.


Proving that Empower Physiotherapy really is a family affair; Jason’s mum Lyn has been another of the smiling faces behind the reception counter for many years. Lyn’s extensive work history as a school registrar throughout the state means she is well equipped to deal with all aspects her role at Empower.

Given that Lyn and her late husband Geoff are the people that instilled in Jason the sense of community (and the sense of humour!) that defines Empower Physiotherapy, it is no surprise that Lyn has bought these characteristics – as well as her genuine warmth and friendliness – to her reception work as well.

In addition to her three grown boys, Lyn also is a proud grandmother and great grandmother. In addition to the work she undertakes at the clinic, her “behind the scenes” involvement in all aspects of the business has been integral in its development over the years.

An avid reader who enjoys spending time with family and friends; Lyn also has an ongoing love affair with Bali, and is already counting down the days until her next trip.


Another one of the happy voices that has been greeting people since the early days of Empower, Sarah’s down to Earth nature and infectious smile have made her popular with all who visit the clinic, as well as with all within our team.

As well as her role at Empower Physiotherapy, Sarah manages a household with three children at school. Another devoted mum and wife; nothing is too much for Sarah when it comes to looking after family. This nurturing role has also made Sarah integral to the growth and development – professionally and personally – of the entire team.

Sarah’s caring nature is evident whenever one of our clients enters in significant pain or distress; and we have no doubt that this approach plays a large role in the positive outcomes we want for our clients. Another of our avid readers, Sarah is also a keen and talented chef, an Eagles fan, and enjoys nothing more than entertaining with friends and family.

Though she may not admit it publically, Sarah is also a karaoke star!


As the newest member of the Empower Reception team, Sabrina came to us with a wealth of experience in Medical Reception work, having spent time in administrative roles at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Hollywood Private Hospital.

With an intensive training program all but complete, Sabrina anchors our front desk during our busiest times at night, and manages to do so whilst continuing to provide the friendly and welcoming environment Empower Physiotherapy prides itself on.

Sabrina has two adult daughters who have both recently married and is waiting patiently for the arrival of armloads of grandchildren into the family. Like all of our reception staff, Sabrina is extremely devoted to her family and friends, and likes nothing more than enjoying their company with good food, music and dancing.

Sabrina’s love of fun and laughter (and karaoke) have made her an immediately popular member of the team. When Sabrina kick-started the karaoke at our Christmas party just after she had joined the Empower Team, we knew we were onto a winner!

Sabrina is also an amazing Burmese cook, who very luckily for us loves to share her gift with those around her!