The team of physiotherapists at Empower will work with you to determine your current limitations, your goals, and utilise evidence based strategies tailored to your requirements to help you get more out of life

The physiotherapists at Empower Physiotherapy are experts in the structure and function of the human body. Utilising evidence based practice guided by the latest research, and combining it with a genuine care for our clients, the Empower team is committed to helping our clients get more out of life.

A physiotherapy consult at Empower will include:

  • An in depth discussion, where we listen to your current concerns, and ask the right questions to accurately identify your limitations, and what goals you hope we can help you achieve
  • A thorough physical examination to assist us in identifying underlying pathology, injury, or impairments
  • Using easy to understand, every-day language, we will explain your likely diagnosis, including outlining all of the factors which may be contributing to your current limitations
  • Together – taking into account your occupation, interests, time demands and goals – we will come up with an initial management plan
  • All of our consults will include some form of appropriate treatment to relieve your symptoms, from mobilisation and massage, through to taping or guided exercise; and
  • We will provide you with a range of simple home management strategies and empower you with an understanding of how these will accelerate your recovery.

Our physiotherapists work with people of all ages to treat a broad range of health conditions ranging from musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries, through to chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis and stroke.  

We assist people in the lead up to their surgery to ensure optimal outcomes, and help people get back on track as soon as possible after surgery.  

For more detailed information on the wide range of conditions we assist people with, please see What We Treat.  

What is the Empower Difference?

At Empower, we pride ourselves on not being your typical physiotherapy or medical practice.

  • We love what we do, and so we constantly strive to be better able to deliver the sort of results we think our clients deserve.
  • We believe that looking after the health of our community is essential, but doesn’t have to be a chore. New clients to our clinic regularly comment about the genuine laughter and camaraderie shared by our team and our valued family of clients.
  • We offer a truly team based approach, with our physiotherapists regularly asking colleagues to pop their heads in during a consult to meet a client and help discuss their case.
  • We are locals – living in, working in, playing in, and supporting the local community.
  • Whilst some clinics have a preferred clientele – such as sports injuries or musculoskeletal conditions; at Empower we are excited by the opportunity to utilise the full breadth of our training and learning to assist people of all ages and from all walks of life to get the most out of life.
  • We continue to widen the scope of the range of services we are able to offer our clients, utilising private consult rooms, an onsite Clinical Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Gym, as well as securing the regular use of offsite facilities to allow us to offer precisely the type of rehabilitation service that will suit clients regardless of their stage of rehabilitation or physical capacity.
  • We maintain close relationships with a range of like-minded health professionals – from doctors and surgeons through to podiatrists or vocational rehabilitation consultants; which enables us to help guide you to the services that are appropriate for you if we are unable to provide them.

At Empower Physio patients are treated as friends, not customers.

Empower’s commitment to you is that you will walk away from your first consultation feeling that your problem – including its impact on your life – has been heard and understood; and that you will have a firm understanding of both your likely diagnosis, and the management plan that will help you achieve your goals.