Jason Power, together with an enthusiastic and friendly family of physiotherapists and reception staff, has established a physiotherapy clinic where community is key and every client is treated as a friend as much as a patient…




Clinic founder and pioneer of the ‘family-friendly physio’, Jason has an extremely diverse range of experience, having provided care to everyone from babies through to the elderly.

Jason began his career working across all disciplines at Princess Margaret Hospital and in the disability services arena prior to moving to the country, where his work saw him do everything from running ante natal classes to caring for nursing home residents. He even tried his hand at film production, putting together an occupational health and safety film in two languages! Since 2011 Jason has also been the Physiotherapist for the State U/12 AFL team that travels away for a week long national tournament.

This broad base of experience, combined with an enthusiasm for helping people from all walks of life is one of the reasons that Empower Physiotherapy has such an outstanding reputation across such diverse groups of clients – from new mothers and their babies through to seniors, and everyone in between.

Jason’s approach to physiotherapy is all about the people inside the bodies. He treats not just injuries and discomfort, but people – and he treats them well. Jason is like his business – hands-on and happy to help.

Midway through 2013, Jason finally managed to pursue a desire that had been with him since Empower Physiotherapy opened its doors in 2009 – the construction and integration of a purpose built Clinical Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Gym into the practice. With this facility now complete, Jason is keen to spread the word that one of the best ways to treat injuries and lifestyle health issues is to prevent them – and Empower is now equipped to provide the guidance you need.

Whilst the rapid growth of Empower means he is no longer able to see all of the clients he would like to, Jason continues to see as many paediatric clients as he can. He has a special interest in developing primary health care services for clients with lifelong health issues – an area that is really lacking in the private sector.

This has seen Empower Physiotherapy launch specific Men’s Health and Women’s Health exercise programs, DMA Clinical Pilates programs specific to hypermobile clients, and Balance and Falls Prevention programs. 2015 also saw the commencement of a broad based Chronic Pain Rehabilitation program in direct response to client need, and exciting new developments in this area.

If you manage to get him talking, and most people don’t have a problem with that, you’ll also find out that Jason has a beautiful wife; Jeneane; and three young sons; Matthew, Caleb, and Tomas. When not wrestling the family, he also coaches basketball, tries to find time to play his drums and guitar, and watches far too much football (c’arn the Eagles!), cricket, basketball, and MMA!




Already a fixture at Empower, Tim has rapidly demonstrated his capacity to help patients of all ages and from all walks of life – with smiles all around. His empathy, professionalism, and friendly demeanour have quickly endeared him to the Empower family of clients and the Empower team.

Tim initially spent four years studying at UWA completing a Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Health; rounding out his time completing an Honours year in Sports Physiology. More recently, however, Tim spent two and a half years completing a Masters degree in physiotherapy at Curtin University – gaining extensive theoretical and practical experience during this time.

Tim is very passionate about helping people reach their performance goals, having always known that he would pursue a career within the field of health. Tim enjoys using his skills and knowledge base to develop specific rehabilitation programs for a client’s individual needs, and appreciates the opportunity to work with a variety of different clients from athletes to older adults.

As well as being passionate about physiotherapy, Tim loves to challenge himself by trying new things and has several interests including playing social sports with friends, reading and cooking. He also has a guilty appreciation for all things pop culture.

For Empower, “power to the people” is more than just an apt slogan. Home visits, community talks, along with links with local sporting clubs and schools are all examples of our commitment to social responsibility.




Tom has a passion to serve people from all walks of life by being a pillar of support through their rehabilitation journey and empowering them to return to their best.

Having dealt with hardships in his own personal sports journey, Tom was encouraged to complete a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) degree at Curtin University to gain the knowledge to help others.  Now he is excited to use that to service the community as he joins our team.

Merging contemporary research and a desire to understand individual clients’ situations, Tom believes that having a holistic approach to assessment and treatment is paramount to empower clients to understand their bodies and take control of their own health journey.

Tom has vast experience in sports training and injury management through involvement with Subiaco Football Club and multiple amateur sports clubs, while also having an extensive background in coaching at various junior levels. 

With a love of junior sport, Tom is dedicated to helping the younger generation be the best they can be, on and off the field, and has special interest in assisting young athletes pursue their best.

Outside of Physiotherapy, Tom is a passionate football coach and is currently coaching Talent Academies at Subiaco Football Club, and is also the Head Coach of the Kingsway Amateur Football Club Colts Program.  When not tied down in coaching, he loves to be outdoors, spending time with friends or family, playing the ukulele and enjoys participating in a majority of sports including AFL, basketball and mountain biking.



Georgia has always held a passion for sport, as well as a strong interest in helping others.  This combination led Georgia to complete her Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University.

The completion of this degree has allowed her to assist others in reaching their personal goals, whether that be returning back to the sporting field or enjoying being able to undertake the daily activities we take for granted when healthy.

Georgia’s experience from playing in competitive WA basketball teams throughout her teenage years has allowed her to understand what is required in order to reach appropriate rehabilitation goals.

Georgia has experience in varying practical settings and has worked with a variety of age groups, valuing what is important to each individual.  Her approach to physiotherapy revolves around a strong belief that each person plays an important role in their own rehabilitation journey, empowering them towards their very best lifestyle.

In addition to a passion for physiotherapy, Georgia thoroughly enjoys travelling – seeing all the world has to offer and spending quality time with family and friends.




Georgia is a cheerful and friendly member of the Empower team, dedicated to seeing her clients supported and encouraged to reach their Physiotherapy goals.

Georgia first became interested in Physiotherapy whilst playing state-level soccer for an under 16s team. She quickly developed a love of sport, a passion for the human body, and a healthy respect for the connection between optimal health and quality of life. This led her to go on and complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. 

Georgia’s warm and empathetic nature readily puts people at ease. She believes that building a genuine relationship with you will be the optimal way to help you identify your goals, and empower you with the tools needed to take charge of your own recovery journey. Georgia always aims to combine the latest evidence-based treatment approaches, with a generous helping of care, compassion, and unwavering support.

Georgia’s professional experience has extended to people from all walks of life. She has spent several years working as a sports trainer for the Sorrento Football Club (NPL). In addition, Georgia has a keen interest in the neurological aspects of Physiotherapy, where she has worked with a range of people in managing the effects of strokes, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurological injuries. Whatever difficulties you are currently facing, Georgia is passionate about working alongside you to develop a program that is right for you.

Beyond the world of Physiotherapy, Georgia loves to engage in an active lifestyle and is often found playing soccer or touch ruby. Georgia’s social and outgoing nature also see her enjoying quality time with family and friends, as well has hanging out at the beach or park with the love of her life; a ridiculously handsome Groodle, who goes by the name of Berkeley.



A supremely energetic and passionate member of the team, Bruno is highly focused on doing his part in making sure that his clients can go through their day-to-day activities being the best that they can be. 


Bruno first developed an interest in pursuing a career in physiotherapy in the latter stages of high school.  With a keen interest in the workings of the human body, an extremly empathetic nature, and a recognised aptitude for interpersonal communication, a career in physiotherapy seemed like the clear choice.


In his personal time, Bruno has a very keen interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having won multiple state titles and competed at the national level.  More recently, he has dedicated himself to a coaching role in his BJJ gym and has found coaching to be one of the most rewarding things that he has had the opportunity to pursue.  With the rehabilitation facilities and services offered at Empower, Bruno has now set his sights on combining his two passions to help all martial arts athletes achieve excellence. 


A very unique perspective that Bruno brings to this area is his experience being on the mats and understanding how best to enable athletes to continue to engage actively in their sport whilst simultaneously managing their injuries to achieve an optimal outcome. 


Outside of the two main areas of his life, Bruno loves to spend his time socialising with his friends (particularly the one’s that have cute pets) and has taken up some more musical hobbies such as learning to play the guitar and becoming less average in singing. 

He may just have found the perfect place to grow in all of these areas!




Ben’s life and work has always been about caring for and supporting people of all ages and walks of life to overcome obstacles and experience all that life has to offer. This passion has most recently led him to join the Empower team, working alongside Mel as our newest remedial massage therapist.

Growing up playing soccer from a young age, his long-time interest in the science of the human body, sport and fitness has enabled him to complete a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University, followed by specialised massage qualifications and more recently a Cert IV (Personal Training). The common thread of these studies has been a desire to provide a caring, holistic approach in helping people overcome pain and injury to live an active, empowered lifestyle.

After working in private practice as a Physiotherapist in Melbourne, Ben went on to pursue youth work for several years, supporting and encouraging young people and their families in a variety of settings. He is excited to now be returning to the field of allied health, specialising in remedial massage and serving as part of a fantastic team.

When he is not soothing clients’ aches and pains in the clinic, Ben can be found spending quality time with his wife Michelle and four teenage kids, often at one of their favourite beaches. He is a keen runner and enjoys regular time in the gym, coaching his son’s soccer team, as well as just chilling out with excellent coffee and a good book.

 Ben is looking forward to meeting plenty of the Empower family as well as those who have yet to join us!





Like several other members of the Empower team over the years, Telia started off as part of the Empower family, as a valued physiotherapy client!

With almost perfect timing, Telias was completing here Remedial Massage Therapy qualification as Empower began our search for an additional massage superstar.  Whilst Telia completed the final components of her qualification, Ben took Telia under his wing and started introducing her to the Empower family with some hands on experience, and with Telia’s genuine care for clients, and her dedication to being the best she can be, we bought Telia into the team as soon as we could!

Telia is a quiet person who genuinely likes to be hands on in her life.  She has a passion for helping others and is excited at the prospect of joining the rest of the Empower team to help clients “get more out of life!”

Throughout her life, Telia loved swimming and playing a wide range of sports.  As someone who has always loved to try new things, she learned early on the importance of looking after herself in order to be able to continue to do the things she loved, and she is now keen to help others do the same.  Recognising that massage is an important tool in rehabilitation and maintaining health, Telia wishes to use all of the massage techniques at her disposal to ease peoples pain and help them get back to where they want to be.

With a deep love of animals, Telia has seen remedial massage benefitting not just the human members of her family, but four legged and winged members as well!

Telia loves spending time outdoors or having a cozy day in spending time with friends and family including her two cats, Gizzmo and Shadow, and her dog, Doofus.